Past and present clients include management at:

  • Santam
  • FNB
  • Pioneer Foods
  • Visual Impact
  • Isenzo
  • Distell
  • Winners
  • Bester Feeds & Grains
  • Allan Gray
  • Thompsons Tours (CT, JHB, DBN)
  • Sanlam
  • The V&A Waterfront
  • SABMiller (JHB)
  • Liberty Life (JHB)
  • The Foschini Group
  • SMIT Amandla Marine
  • Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co
  • Western Cape Government - Transport and Public Works
  • Private Safaris
  • MDA Property Systems
  • Sondor Industries
  • Nautic Group
  • Permoseal
  • MMI Holdings
  • Southern African Power Pool
  • Springbok Atlas Tours & Safaris
  • f(x) Software Development
  • Enartis SA
  • Terra Nova Tours

Client comments:

LinkedIn - 37 Endorsements for Executive Coaching, Coaching and Personal Development from Clients as at May 2017.

Fred is a great coach who understands ones unique situations.”

He helped me to better lead, inspire and guide my team.” Oct 2013

I learned a lot from Fred. He assisted me to be honest with myself and develop myself whilst he always stayed professional . I will definitely recommend him to others and with the necessary approval will like to continue to make use of Fred’s service (for my own account)”

My coach Fred Bakker, whom I found to be a really likable person, came across as competent, humble, articulate and a careful listener having a quick grasp of issues.” Oct 2013

I retained Fred as my coach during my own learning journey to become a professional coach. Fred has extensive business experience and is acutely perceptive during coaching sessions. He creates an easy, enabling space in each coaching encounter that stimulates creativity and depth of thought that one often struggles to attain. Fred works in a very methodical manner, is always prepared for each coaching session and delivers lasting, tangible results. I would recommend Fred unreservedly for any coaching, development or executive transformation assignment.”

I wish to thank you for all the coaching I received last year. I do feel that I have benefited greatly from our interaction.” Jan 2010

Fred fulfilled the role of Programme Integrator, Director and Action Learning Coach for one of our programmes in Cape Town. He is extremely professional and thorough. He has a passion for people and people development. He always went above and beyond what was expected of these roles to ensure the delegates grow, the client is satisfied and that the GIBS brand is appropriately represented.” Nov 2011

I think more than anything, you have helped me put in words what kind of career path/job I want to get into.” May 2012

I wish to thank you for all the coaching I received last year. I do feel that I have benefited greatly from our interaction.”

Fred is a great coach and his style of coaching really works for me. He has great insight and he brings good judgement, a quirky sense of humour and broad life experiences to the table. I’ve enjoyed working with him and would recommend him without any hesitation.”

Thank you very much for your great support.”

With my busy schedule, I don’t get to do any journaling, and my sessions with Fred provided an opportunity for me to reflect on my thoughts, words and actions in the office (like I would normally do during journaling). The big benefit was that Fred was able to help me unpack some of my thoughts, and look at things from a different perspective…a bit more than I would get from journaling. Oct 2013”

I was also very impressed with Fred’s level of experience, professionalism and his ability to engage me in discussion on all the topics that I brought to the table. Overall, it was an excellent coaching experience.” Oct 2013

The coaching process has been one of the best personal development programmes I have participated in. I am continuously growing and mostly due to the new insights I have learned through my coach and by applying techniques and thought processes also taught by him.”

More than anything, Fred has helped me navigate my way through the corporate jungle – I am new to the corporate world and tend to take matters very personal. He has helped me separate the facts from the emotions and I would’ve been very unhappy had it not been for our constructive conversations.”

Fred and I developed an excellent relationship and I would highly recommend him as a coach to any of my colleagues.”

So far you have helped me get to a point of moving into a whole new space which I can’t wait to have sorted and settled in to for the new year.” Dec 2012

The sessions were very useful because they created a scheduled time for introspection, something not always easy to do given the demands on time and energy in the organisation. It facilitated long term thinking for me, which not only for myself, but for all senior managers in Public Works, is a crucial part of the value we add to the organisation.” Oct 2013

Thanks Fred, in assisting with the coordination, logistics and Action Learnings. Fred, you are making a HUGE contribution towards this Course’s success!”

Ek wil sommer net dankie sê vir die tyd wat ons saam kon werk. Dit was vir my baie sinvol, hoewel nie altyd lekker want mens praat oor goed wat seermaak. Dankie vir jou professionele manier van werk en die waarde wat ek daaruit kon kry.”

Fred Bakker is a business coach. Fred assisted me, as General Manager of Thompsons Tours Cape Town, to bring about positive changes in service standards and company morale. Fred held many sessions with my staff as well as with our head office staff in Johannesburg. Fred has the ability to relate and communicate with staff; to analyze situations and behavious; and to bring about change. The result of Fred’s work was to bring about more open and honest communication in the company and a clarity on goals and relationships. I’d recommend Fred highly. August 13, 2009”

Thanks for you professional help. It has got me to a very focused place career wise.” Dec 2012

I have learnt so much from you. You had a wonderful way of making things clear. I have also learnt from you how to focus.”

My coaching sessions helped me to identify my strengths and build on them instead of concentrating on my weaknesses.” Oct 2013

Thanks for being authentic, sincere, and such an empathetic professional…”