Coaching Deliverables

  • Providing clients with personalised one-on-one developmental support for the duration of our coaching relationship.

  • Providing clients with initial assessment exercises aimed at raising self-awareness as well as topical material found to be relevant during the course of our coaching relationship.

  • Helping clients clarify life/career meaning and purpose – as well as more specific short and medium term goals.

  • Providing alternative perspectives and stimulating a process of creative thinking aimed at effectively dealing with life and career challenges, dilemmas and concerns.

  • Acting as a confidential, impartial and non-judgemental sounding board.

  • Providing clients with an opportunity to learn through a process of observing themselves from another’s perspective, practicing different ways of behaving and reflecting on changes made.

  • Keeping the process open and transparent while using clear and easily understood terms.

  • Respecting the integrity and confidential nature of our coaching relationship.