Logistics - How I work

  • Initial inquiries are made by a potential client via email or phone.
  • I provide more info about my coaching process. fees, etc.
  • If a client expresses an interest to continue with coaching we arrange a telephonic meeting. The aim is to help the client to assess their level of comfort working with me - i.e. ensure effective working compatibility or the right fit - and deal with any questions and concerns they may have.
  • For Executive Coaching and other organisation coaching I always arrange a consultation or meeting at no charge to discuss the needs of the organisation, enable them to meet me face-to-face and to discuss development processes, fees, etc.
  • If a client decides to proceed we arrange our first session - usually 1 to 1½hrs - at a venue convenient to both parties in the greater Cape Town area. I generally work with organisation coaching clients at their venue.
  • My clients also have the option of meeting via Skype or telephonically if they aren’t in Cape Town - or prefer the lower cost and convenience of using these options.
  • I usually work on a needs basis (or as contracted with organisational clients), i.e. we arrange subsequent sessions as and when it suits the client - with a general recommendation to meet every 10 days to 2 weeks initially in order to get the development process going and maintain the necessary momentum. If a client is not 100% satisfied they may terminate the support without incurring any further costs.
  • Clients are invoiced at the end of each month for sessions completed - no upfront payments are required.
  • I use everyday language and/or coaching related terminology that is relatively easy to understand. I believe in using a very transparent process, i.e. I try to de-mystify what we do to ensure that my clients feel comfortable and in control of their own development.