Leadership Development Programmes - Develop leadership skills through a process aimed at enhancing Emotional Intelligence.

Leadership Development

We use a creative problem solving approach which taps into the knowledge, experience and expertise of leadership teams. In other words, we believe that most of the solutions to the challenges an organisation faces need to come from the leadership team – with the right level of coaching support and facilitation. We therefore use a leadership development approach with Executive Coaching support to encourage leadership teams to systematically engage and deal with the challenges they face.

Primary aims of our programmes include:
  • Raising self-awareness and growing and developing as individuals - in order to manage career/life challenges optimally. The process respects and values the individual – with each person working on their chosen development areas – based on input from customised 360 Feedback Surveys and an Insights Discovery Personality Profile - at their own pace in a confidential space with their coach. Given their impact as role models to others in the organisation – we need to ensure that they walk the talk in terms of their organisations values and establish the kind of organisational culture that will take the organisation into the future. Enhanced self-awareness has been proven to have a significantly positive impact on the way we engage with, manage and lead others.
  • Building a strong, cohesive leadership team that collaborates effectively when dealing with challenges - by ensuring that team members really get to know and understand one another better – and by ensuring that everyone is on the same page in terms of Vision, Mission, key goals, Values, procedures, etc.
  • As a leadership team building the capacity of their organisation to grow exponentially and move closer towards achieving their Vision and Mission.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Research* on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and leadership shows that EI distinguishes outstanding leaders from average leaders.

Almost 70% of effective leadership behaviour is related to EI:

The technical skills and intellect of leaders at most organisations is not usually a concern. Within the framework mentioned above, we focus on EI in order to develop the leadership competencies of executives.

*Research done by Daniel Goleman and colleagues, reported in Goleman’s Working with Emotional Intelligence (1998) and Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee’s The New Leaders: Transforming the Art of Leadership into the Science of Results (2002).

Leadership Development Programme Clients include:

  • Thompsons Tours
  • Sondor Performance Foams
  • Permoseal
  • f(x) Software Development
  • Enartis SA
  • Terra Nova Tours