Peer Learning Groups

Establish learning and support forums consisting of groups of peers (Peer Learning Groups or PLG’s) - in order to provide a structured dynamic that encourages collaboration. PLG’s are set up to help peers in organisation clarify and make sense of the dilemmas, challenges and issues they face in their jobs … and then to explore creative and effective strategies and actions to resolve them - before escalating issues to line managers. The process has been very effectively implemented at Allan Gray and Thompsons Tours.

“We are drawn to the image of the lone genius whose mystical moment of insight changes the world. But the lone genius is a myth; instead it’s group genius that generates breakthrough innovation. … Collaboration drives creativity because innovation always emerges from a series of sparks - never a single flash of insight.” – Keith Sawyer.

Rationale/Benefits of PLG’s

  • Opportunity for members to harvest the collective intelligence and wisdom of their colleagues
  • PLG’s help people make sense of the dilemmas, challenges and issues they face in their jobs
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Explore effective strategies and actions to resolve issues
  • Taking action – not just talking about it
  • Provides an opportunity for on-the-job learning and development while dealing with real work challenges
  • Develop a coaching or empowering management style by encouraging an incisive questioning style
  • Ongoing ‘teambuilding’ value
  • Leads to an atmosphere of support and trust which in turn encourages open and honest interaction
  • Creates a sense of sharing and belonging (managers feel less isolated and alone when dealing with complex issues)
  • Upholding commitments – doing what I say I will do. Public statements tend to make people more accountable